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Just west of Cleveland, Ohio, in Lorain County
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"Be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the
will of God."-- Romans 12:1-2

Ministry is an important part of our church. We offer learning and service opportunities
for children, youth and adults. Only through study of God’s word along with regular worship
and prayer, can we grow in our faith so that we may understand God’s plan for us.


Through the year we will be offering a variety of classes to meet the needs and interests of our
diverse congregation. Classes will include Bible studies, new member orientation classes, Classes
that address a variety of Faith issue, and issues of life that address our physical, financial and
emotional needs.

Brown Bag Study, Ladies Who Lunch, Prayer Ministry, Pastor Study, Hispanic Ministry, Thursday
Evening Bible Study,

United Methodist Women (UMW)

The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is
to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a
creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the
global ministries of the Church.

The Women's Division is actively engaged in fulfilling the mission of Christ and the Church and
interprets the purpose of United Methodist Women. The division advocates for the oppressed and
dispossessed with special needs of women, children and youth works to build a supportive
community among women, and helps foster growth in the Christian faith, mission education, and
Christian social involvement.

United Methodist Men (UMM)

'Be doers of the word and not hearers only'

Purpose - United Methodist Men shall be a creative supportive fellowship of men who seek to know
Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually and to seek his daily will.
[Our] primary purpose is to declare the centrality of Christ in the lives of men and in all their
The major concerns are:
To encourage knowledge of and support for the total mission of the United Methodist Church.
To engage in evangelism by sharing the fullness of the gospel in its personal and social dimensions.
To clarify and speak to the identity and role of the man in contemporary society.
To seek commitment to discipleship
To study and become familiar with The United Methodist Church, its organization, doctrines, and
To cooperate with all units of United Methodist Men in obtaining these objectives through district,
conference, jurisdiction, and church-wide goals.
Men seeking membership in a local United Methodist Men's Fellowship shall subscribe to the
"Purpose" of United Methodist Men and to these personal objectives.
Engage daily in Bible study and prayer.
Bear witness to Christ's way in daily work and in all personal contacts through words and actions.
Engage in some definite Christian service.

Strength For Service Support for Military Personnel

The CORDS - Adult Singles and Couples Group

1. Group name: “The Cords” – Fields UMC Adult Fellowship Group for singles (with or without kids)
and couples (married or not married, with or without kids) ages 25 – 55
2. “The Cords” symbolizes that with Jesus at the center of all the relationships in your life, his love
will guide you through the good and bad times. The Cord of three strands comes from the Bible -
King Solomon wrote about it in Ecclesiastes 4:12 - "Though one may be overpowered, two can
defend themselves and a cord of three strands is not quickly broken." We feel that using each
other as support we will only be stronger and create a stronger church
3. Mission is to “build friends and support among younger adults in the church as we grow in our faith”

Young At Heart - Older Adult Ministry

For couples and singles 55 years young and older (but they'll make allowances for younger folks!)
Outings to local and not-so-local eateries, events, programs, and more!
Bocci Ball, World Series Of Baseball, Lake Erie Crushers Game, Pajama Party, New Year's Eve luncheon,
Thanksgiving luncheon, and more!


Mission: To provide resources and training to undergird the faith formation of children.

Kids need to worship God, just as adults do. They need to be active and involved. The smiles
of children making new discoveries, the energy of children in a group setting, the sounds of
children in song and in learning, and the insights of children as God is present in their lives, all
make for a fascinating ministry.

There is no better call then that to ministry with children. God's call comes with the promise
of faithfulness. Jesus set the example and provides a heart of love for children. The church
provides a excellent support base for ministry where each child is valued.

For children through the 6th grade.


"Truly, as you did it to the least of these, you did it to me."

Mission Statement of Fields United Methodist Mission Committee
We are a self-supporting committee and will continue to endeavor to make being in mission more
personal to the individual membership of the church. We will do this through mission education
and by providing opportunities to be in mission.

The Missions Committee Supports:
Berea Children's Home and Family Services
Brookside Hunger Center
Community Care of North Ridgeville
Cornerstone Among Women Ministry
Ganta Hospital in Liberia, West Africa
Heifer International
Methodist Shared Giving
Missionaries Dennis and Dee Heffner of the McCurdy School, New Mexico
Redbird Missions, Kentucky
UMCOR - Disaster Relief

The Missions Committee does:
Annual Mission Trip
Collect Aluminum Cans and Used Ink Cartridges
Collects Soup Labels and Box Tops for the McCurdy School, New Mexico
Donates Food to Brookside Hunger Center and Community Care of North Ridgeville
Helps with Habitat for Humanity Projects
Offers Various Mission Opportunities
Prepares A Monthly Tuesday Night Dinner as part of the Tuesday Night Suppers Program
Volunteers at Local Missions

The Missions Committee Sponsors:
Annual Craft Bazaar
Annual Rummage Sale
Annual Souper Bowl Soup Fest
Bake Sales

Food Sunday is the 1st Sunday of each month.  Donations are divided equally between Brookside
Hunger Center and Community Care. 

We are always looking for people to join us in our quest to be the most effective  Missions Committee
we can be. 

We welcome new members and new ideas.  If you are interested in becoming involved in Missions
work, or if you have a good idea for a mission opportunity, please contact the church office and
they will direct you to the Missions chairperson. 


Chancel Choir
Our Chancel Choir is open to all singers ages 12+. We rehearse every Wednesday in the choir room
at 7:40p.m to 8:40 p.m. and sing three out of four Sundays in the choir loft. Our purpose is to worship
the Lord through music in a variety of different styles. We sing from hymns to southern style spirituals!
Please feel free to come in during a rehearsal to watch or even participate for a Sunday.

Handbell Choir-
The handbell choir is a great way to be a part of a team while doing much individual work. This choir
plays once a month and rehearses every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 in the sanctuary. We work each
week to take our bells and ring them to worship the Lord.

Here Comes Treble!- Junior Choir
Our Junior Choir is for children ages 5-12Every Sunday we meet at 10:00 a.m after our traditional worship
and before Sunday school in the choir room to sing songs along with learn some great dance moves.
This choir sings four times per year during special moments. We learn to worship our Lord through
singing and dancing. Come and join us!

For any more information about the wonderful choirs please feel free to contact choir director
Hailey Ackerman at

Choir Director Hailey Ackerman and organist Judy Pomeroy provide inspiring service music and
accompaniments for the choir and special music.


Parish Nursing is administering care to the body, mind and spirit of the parishioners and the
surrounding community. It involves the recognition and incorporation of an individual's spirituality
in the care that is given. The focus of Parish Nursing is on Holistic Care. The Parish Nurse acts as
a Health Educator, Personal Health Consultant, and an Advocate for Healing Ministries. There are
many ways this ministry can be carried out and the interventions are as unique as each individual
church. The ministry is based on the needs of the congregation and it's community. Contact the
church office for more information on Fields Parish Nurse program.


Civic youth-serving agencies and Scouting ministries offer another setting for ministry to children,
youth, their leaders, and their families. These opportunities would include the Boy Scouts, Girl
Scouts, Camp Fire Boys and Girls, 4-H, or other appropriate national organizations. The God and
Country award program shall be available to all appropriate age-level participants of the local
church education program including the church school, youth ministry, and Scouting ministries.
(UM Scouting): Camp Fire Boys and Girls, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., 4-H.


A Stephen Minister gives one-to-one, lay Christian care.
One-to-one: Stephen Ministers meet privately with one care receiver of the same gender.
Lay: Stephen Ministers are trained and supervised lay volunteers, not professional
counselors or therapists, pastors, or physicians. Stephen Ministers are not authorized to give
legal, medical, financial, or any other advice, but Bible-based encouragement.
Christian: Stephen Ministers are Christians who care in the name of Christ. They are willing to
talk about spiritual issues but won't force them.
Care: Stephen Ministers care by listening, supporting, encouraging, praying, being dependable
and trustworthy and maintaining confidentiality in their caregiving.


Stephen Ministers keep personal information confidential. Therefore, you can feel free to share
with your Stephen Minister without worrying that everyone else will know about it. There are
rare occasions when a Stephen Minister must share confidential information in order to save
a life. Those occasions are suicide, homicide, or abuse.


IGNITE youth culture is the youth fellowship of Fields UMC and is open to all youth in grades
6-12. Our goal is to spark the Spiritual fire in each other and others through fellowship, fun
and service.

If you are new to the group or an incoming 6th grader, we can’t wait to have you join us!
Please be sure to get all the details by getting your contact information to Beth Moomaw.
Call the church office with your name, your grade, your home address and phone, 440-327-8753.


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